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Attract the right sponsors to your event

Smart Strategies, Effective Communications,
Win-Win Negotiation

Find partners who can contribute more than money. When your sponsor's image and marketing objectives are just the right fit, they can make your event better in every way.

Event Marketing Group has a unique, proven methodology to locate exactly the right potential partners, and to communicate clearly and effectively why your event is exactly the vehicle they've been searching for.

The EMG Sponsorship Evaluation Matrix shows you the value of various aspects of your event in a completely new way, helping you develop innovative sponsor development strategies that attract the right partners...organizations that support your strategic goals, will be well-served by their participation, and are likeliest to grow their relationship with your event year after year.

The EMG Sponsorship Evaluation Matrix is a system that guarantees you will present the right benefits for the right price to the right people:

  • See your event from the perspective of potential sponsors
  • Evaluate which elements or combinations of elements are of value to particular categories of potential sponsors
  • Develop a sponsor marketing structure that packages the most attractive features and communications offerings for targeted sponsors
  • Develop an attractive cost-benefit grid that maximizes the number of potential sponsors while providing each with unique, non-competing benefits that meet their marketing objectives
  • Develop a "case" for participation and marketing communications program, complete with all necessary planning and materials
  • Train your personnel to execute the sponsor marketing campaign, or provide a turnkey sponsorship development program
  • Develop comprehensive sponsorship recap reports

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