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Partnership Marketing

Find the right sponsorship opportunity
and make it work for you...

You know event marketing is a good strategy for your organization. The visibility, the community connection, the direct, personal contact with thousands of potential new customers...it all makes sense.

But how do you decide...

what event will showcase your brand most effectively;

how much you should spend;

how to maximize your return on investment?

Event Marketing Group is the most experienced expert in Central Ohio, prepared to help you review available opportunities in light of your strategic goals, and establish the most effective partner relationships not just for one event, but for a long-term, productive association that will build your brand image and visibility for years to come.

We help you:

  • Align your marketing objectives with the right opportunities, so you reach the right consumers with the highest possible impact.
  • Evaluate opportunities, using advanced marketing analysis techniques and our proprietary Sponsorship Effficiency Matrix™.
  • Make the most out of every facet of your participation, through negotiation and implementation of on-site presence;
    • Leveraging event promotions and media investments to raise your own profile in advertising and earned media efforts;
    • Discovering natural cross-promotional and media relations opportunities that make your sponsorship work harder across your whole marketing plan.


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