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Event Design & Development

Build a Brand, New Partnerships, Community Recognition

When you build your own event, you are investing in the future of your brand, and establishing unique relationships with the community, business stakeholders, and the public sector.

You can connect your product with the right cause...or your product with the right audience.

You control the message, the visibility, the content, and the participants. When the event succeeds, the greatest financial and marketing benefits are yours.

Of course, owning an event requires special skill, upfront financial commitment, and careful planning and execution. Most of all, it requires the patience needed to build an audience and community presence, a process that often requires two to three years to reach maximum volume and continued growth.

Event Marketing Group can help you decide whether your own event is the best way to reach your strategic objectives. If it is, we can help you make it happen smoothly, successfully and easily all the way.

Our team will walk you through a carefully structured process to:

  • Define your goals
  • Create and test an event concept
  • Build a step by step plan and calendar
  • Establish a realistic budget and funding matrix
  • Find and negotiate with partners and sponsors
  • Develop location and vendor relationships; negotiate for the best terms possible
  • Provide complete marketing and promotions services, from ticket sales to media relations
  • Provide complete, turnkey on-site operations and staffing
  • Measure results and provide comprehensive recap reports as needed


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