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Take It On the Road

Go beyond sampling to effective mobile brand-building

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Need we say more about how effective the right mobile marketing program can be...or how it can build customer loyalty and brand-identification for generations? When you bring your brand to where your customers are, instead of asking them to come to you, you show them you're ready to go the extra mile. It's a connection based on caring.

Event Marketing Group can't promise you a Wienermobile-level slam-dunk...but we can promise the expertise, the creative energy combined with strategic good sense and budget sensitivity to bring your brand to your customers successfully.

Event Marketing Group provides:

  • Marketing research: where are your customers likely to be, and what do they want to experience there?
  • Strategic analysis of locations, schedules, opportunities in your markets
  • Concept development and implementation of the best presentation for your image and the context
  • Financial management
  • Development of partnerships if appropriate (for example, vendor participation in sampling or gifting programs; non-profit recipients for proceeds in each market; local entertainment connections)
  • Tour scheduling and planning
  • Goods management
  • Field staffing, training and management
  • Grassroots marketing to create a buzz for your product