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Event Production & Management

Increase Visibility, Profitability, Attendance

The best shows and events need a year or two of effective communication and management to get established and build an audience. Often, they can maintain and even grow on their own momentum for a few cycles: repeat the same formula, and the audience arrives.

Until they get bored. Or sponsors depart. Or the energy and resources to keep it growing are more needed elsewhere.

That's when you need Event Marketing Group. With the experience, tools and enthusiasm needed to refresh, rejuvenate, and rebuild an event that's losing momentum-or to make sure a growing show keeps getting better.

Event Marketing Group can assist you as a trusted partner, or provide completely turnkey service:

  • Strategic planning to meet event objectives
  • Creative direction for consistency, clarity and effectiveness
  • Sales support for a full house of happy exhibitors
  • Marketing and promotions to build attendance
  • Partner and sponsor relations: planning, execution and reporting
  • Operations and logistics: trouble-free management from set-up to clean-up
  • Attraction development that draws audience with the right message
  • Programming and entertainment features
  • On-site exhibitor, sponsor and guest services
  • Media relations services
  • Comprehensive post-event evaluation


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